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Posted on 28 Dec 2019

Has anyone attended the Growth Investing Mastery (GIM) course before?

I've come across the course online, and the reviews seem quite good. How was it like?


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Suzuki Tan

Suzuki Tan

3w ago

Not worth it, the taught the basic and u need to upsize to attend another course known as 'mentorship' to get into more detail. Basic course did not tell you anything about stock focus but give you a list of companies generated. If u has free money to donate, you can joined. I have joined some many investor course, most all just shared old case studies on how they hit 10x 100x..... actually they earn more from the course session.

PlanetX Yu

2w ago

Joined the session think just agreed on the basic teaching. End of the day , it is up to you to find which company to invest and they earn more than 600k per session. Dont waste time on this and the earning is not worth what they talk. All guru just earning from the session...


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