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Asked 3w ago

For Syfe, which choice would be better? Global or SG based?


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Hi Peiling, that's a great question! Both portfolio choices are not mutually exclusive. In fact, many of our clients have both the Global Portfolio and the REIT+ Portfolio.

Generally, the Global Portfolio could be suitable for a long-term investor focused on growth. The portfolio comprises US-listed ETFs diversifed across assets classes, sectors and geographies. Historically, markets go up over the long term and the Global Portfolio allows you to capture potential growth opportunities around the world.

Your Global Portfolio is also risk managed using Syfe's proprietary ARI (Automated Risk-managed Investing) algorithm. In essence, your portfolio is monitored 24/7 to keep portfolio risk in line with your desired risk level.

During periods of high market volatility (like the current market for instance), ARI will reduce your exposure to higher-risk assets and increase the percentage of lower-risk bond and gold in your portfolio to cushion against huge losses. You can see how ARI has performed here.

The REIT+ portfolio invests in Singapore REITs. It tracks the SGX's iEdge S-REIT 20 index. This could be suitable for an investor who prefers exposure to Singapore assets and wishes to earn dividend income.

We recommend also considering other factors such as your risk tolerance, investing timeline, and financial goals when deciding which portfolio to invest in. For more specific investment advice, do consider scheduling a chat with our advisors. They can offer more personalised advice



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Hi Peiling,

It depends what you mean by better! If you are comparing returns, no doubt its global portfolio will be a more ideal one on growth, however it also comes with participating risk and volatility. For SG based, you should be looking at its REITs/REITs + Bonds portfolio. It's more on focusing on dividend yield on your investment. However, REITs also have its own risk factor to consider. So I doubt there will any better since their risk reward factor is not a fair comparison. Perhaps you can allocation your resources tactically to both instead, to provide diversification and different exposure! All the best!


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Zachary Teo
Level 6. Master
Answered 3w ago

Hey Peiling! I am currently invested in SYFE Global portfolio with a mid risk. I belive their algorithm is pretty good and stable on this as I have not seen any loss to it. As for SG based, I believe you are referring to the REITs portfolio. I would recommend that you can get the mix portfolio of the REITs + Bonds. It offers a safer investment for now. This is solely based on my opinion. I do hope SYFE comes in to explain on this. Perhaps you can edit the question and tag SYFE in the tag! :)


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2w ago

Hi Zachary, thanks for sharing your response!
Andy Sim
Andy Sim

2w ago

Hi Zachary, may I know how long have you invested in their global portfolio? And why did you choose to invest in their global portfolio?