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Asked on 28 Jul 2019

Does UOB Krisflyer Credit Card award bonus miles for GrabPay top-ups?

Hi all. I'm an active Grab user and am currently syncing my UOB KrisFlyer Credit Card to my GrabPay. Wondering if there're any extra bonus miles for doing so. Anyone in the same position with any experience to share?


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Javier Lim
Javier Lim
Level 5. Genius
Answered on 28 Jul 2019

It really depends, So far UOB has been awarding me miles for Grab transactions.

Quoted from the T&C

KrisFlyer miles will not be awarded for NETS and NETS-related transactions, 0% Installment Payment Plans, SmartPay, personal loan, balance/funds transfers, cash advances, fees, interests, finance charges, late payment charges, annual fee charges, reversals, transactions relating to top-ups of any pre-paid card and brokerage / securities, any gambling related transactions, any trading transactions (including but not limited to websites for trading of shares and cryptocurrency), other financial charges and any other transactions we may exclude from time to time without prior notice.


ūüĎć 4

On direct grab transactions, I believe it does.

However for miles card, top-ups normally do not get rewarded.

E.g topping up of cash card, ez-link card etc


ūüĎć 3