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Asked on 23 Apr 2019

Does HSBC Advance credit card earn cashback if I charge my University fees (SIM) to it?

What type of spendings will not earn cash back ?


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Ang Yee Gary
Ang Yee Gary, Medicine at National University Of Singapore
Level 4. Prodigy
Answered on 24 Apr 2019

The best person to ask is the bank.

"Eligible Purchases" means retail purchases made locally or overseas (including online transactions), and recurring bill payments. Cash Back will only be awarded to Eligible Purchases. The following transactions are not considered Eligible Purchases and thus will not earn Cash Back or be considered for computation of spend requirement: (a) cash advance; (b) balance transfers; (c) fees and charges (including finance charges, late charges, interest charges, annual fees); (d) tax payments via HSBC tax payment facility; (e) Installment Payment Plan; (f) transactions made on brokerage/securities; (g) transactions made on money payment/transfer websites; (h) transactions relating to money orders, traveller's checks, gaming; (i) AXS or ATM transactions; (j) any pre-paid card top-ups including but not limited to EZ-Link, Transitlink or NETS Flashpay and (k) donations/donations-in-kind (transactions tagged with MCC 8398 - charitable and social organizations) and (l) any other transaction determined by HSBC from time to time. In the case of HSBC's Balance Conversion Plan, only the total purchase amount will qualify as an Eligible Purchase in the month of purchase. The subsequent instalment amounts under the Balance Conversion Plan will not qualify as Eligible Purchases.