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Asked on 02 Jun 2020

Does anyone know how can I transfer money from Revolut to Saxo?

I have a USD account and am transferring USD from Revolut, but it just bounces everytime. I've triple-checked their bank details and they're all correct.

Do I include the Client ID into the "Add reference" section when sending?

Thanks in advance!


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Branson Tay
Branson Tay
Level 2. Rookie
Answered on 04 Jun 2020

To answer your question, you have to include the Client ID in "add reference"

But right now I'm experiencing a similar problem. I used to be able to transfer on the 10th of May when using the client ID but not too sure why I can't right now.


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4w ago

My understanding is the banksā€™ MCA do not allow transfers to any loca banksā€™ usd account.

2w ago

Did anyone get an outcome on this? Revolut are ridiculously unhelpful, "its a third party we dont get a reason from them. though, for sure it is possible at some point they will process because they want to make money from this service". Saxo suggest to refer to Revolut. I also got charged by DBS transferring SGD to an SGD account in Revolut because Revolut changed their address to the UK so now its considered overseas transfer. 2.8% charge! Sounds like Revolut isn't really running a favourable service anymore.