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Asked on 08 Jul 2019

Do you tell your employer about planned(/ planning) of part time studies in interviews?

Will you tell your prospective employer in interview if you are planning/ in the midst of going for part time studies? If so, in which interview round will it be better for me to raise it up, or should I not raise it up at all?

At the same time, are there any questions that I should ask regarding the above/ anything that I should keep a lookout for?


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Level 4. Prodigy
Updated on 19 Aug 2019

Definitely share the plan you have. It affect the job as studies require commitment, time & effort (e.g. think about taking leave for exams etc). You’re going to juggle between F/T job and P/T studies after all.

Also, the P/T studies better be relevant to the job. Else, please be prepared to answer why you’re applying the job if the course is not relevant / close to the job applied.

You may even check with HR on the training support and culture of the company so you might be eligible for company-sponsorship or subsidy for the P/T studies! You will also want to know how supportive the company is for your own career development wise.

So why not?



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09 Jul 2019

Hard to determine as it depends on the company culture. But likely yes they will judge. Business is rather general and it shouldn’t be a problem as it compliment current skills set. If you can juggle between studies and work, then go ahead!
Zach Howe
Zach Howe

19 Aug 2019

Thank You!
Level 4. Prodigy
Answered on 08 Jul 2019

It may not be mandatory, unless the interviewer asks you specifically if you have any such plans! I wouldn’t say that it must be during round 2 that you need to raise it up, so you have to play by ear. Moreover, I do not see that it will necessarily pull down your chances in the event that you do bring it up. Employers hire not just for skill set, but also for your attitude. An avid learner is definitely one to hire!

Some of the questions you can ask is if there are any training programs available for employees or if there are any study grants available.

Good luck!