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Asked on 06 Jul 2019

Do the wealthy make use of their connections?

Just a curious question. The wealthy always has a large network of people that they know. Do they make use of their connections and how?


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Josh Ng
Josh Ng
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Updated on 06 Jul 2019

For what it's worth, it's not just the wealthy who has the network of connections. Rich or not, anyone can build a right profile of themselves professionally and build a network based on merit. I don't think people necessarily think of connections as a means to get something directly, rather it is a case when you need some help or inspiration then you decide within your circle of peers or friends whom you can reach out for the 'best' advice).

That said, I would say common use of connections would be understanding a particular industry that you are less accustomed to, making in roads to a new job and getting some tips to succeed, and knowing acquaintances (usually friends of friends).