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Asked 1w ago

Could you share a bit about which industries were hit positively during this COVID-19 and why were they so?

I am an undergraduate, 3rd-year Business student. I would just like to find out more about how the market is affected positively from this COVID-19 as there has been many talks about the negative impact but little about the positives. Please share more!


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Based on the news and what I have been observed. There are some industries that are affected positively by COVID-19.

  • Healthcare Industry

  • Home Maintenance

  • Grocery and Retails

  • Online shopping platform

  • IT services​​​


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Malvin Tan WP
Malvin Tan WP, Writer at
Level 5. Genius
Updated 3d ago

An example is the Grocery business - as more people eat at home they also stock up on more pantry. i.e Sheng Shiong net profit increased by 50% in the latest quater published.

However when things return to normal, would their revenue also return to normal?

There’s an old Wayne Gretzky (professional ice hockey player), "I skate to where the puck is going to be, not to where it has been".

Look for the fundamental shift in consumer behavior then you can identify the long term positive impact on market because of Covid-19.


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William Ng
William Ng
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Answered 5d ago

For commercial project in construction industry, most has not started work yet. So far BCA only approved 20 workers out of 2500 workers in one of my project site.

I guess am fortunate enough that my company has solid customer base. SME contractors will suffer a lot during this period.


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Two broad categories:

  1. Anything that assists with infection recovery.

  2. Anything that assists with infection control.


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Billy Ko
Billy Ko, Analyst at ClubMed
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Answered 6d ago

Hi there! Based on share prices and happenings in the news, the industries positively affected are as follows:


  • manufacturers of healthcare devices i.e. surgical masks / gloves (i.e. Top Glove)

  • manufacturers of monitoring devices i.e. thermometer scanners

  • Pharmaceutical R&D companies (i.e. Merck)


  • Deep cleaning services

Consumer Discretionary

  • Supermarket / Grocery Stores (i.e. Sheng Siong)

Brokerage Firms

  • There's an increased trend of new investors onboarding brokerage firms (perhaps due to payouts received)


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Level 3. Wonderkid
Answered 6d ago

Our team of researchers found that, perhaps unsurprisingly, the online education and delivery services industries have fared well. Another one, that jumped out: agriculture tech. You can read the full article here.


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