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Emma Jacksom

Asked on 22 Oct 2020

Can anyone recommend me the best digital piano?

Creating sounds out of nowhere is a skill that most of the musicians master. One of the most suitable musical instruments used for creating sounds is none other than a best digital piano.

Best Digital Piano 2020A digital piano offers multiple features. For instance, apart from creating different sounds, you can test your musical skills at the same time. Besides, using it is far easier than that of using an acoustic piano.


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By digital, do you mean portable also? There are generally 3 types of digital pianos:

  1. Hybrid - a mix of upright/grand with digital functions (slient play, headphones, recording). Most expensive option.

  2. Digital - More lightweight compared to upright but still takes considerable amount of space. Comes with a lot of functions and capabilities. Mid-range price.

  3. Portable - Very lightweight, usually detachable from the stand. Quality varies wildly. Cheapest option.

Or are you looking at keyboards? (very light, less emphasis on sound quality, very rare to have keyboard with weighted keys)

Yamaha is still one of the best brands. Their CLP series is also wonderful. Casio and Roland also has very good offerings.


Emma Jacksom

4w ago

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