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At 28 years old, is it too late to start a career from scratch? Assuming no relevant job experience wrt to Diploma taken, and only with sales experience in the financial industry. ?

Which other career/industry would be a better choice? No strong passion in anything too.

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    • Steph Yeo
      Steph Yeo, Auntie Uncle Whisperer at Agency for Integrated Care
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      Answered on 09 Aug 2018

      If there was one "good" career or industry, everybody will be there. Unfortunately there is no shortcut to life and nobody can point you in the one direction that you would absolutely excel in.

      What's "good" is in fact what's "good for you". And since we're not you, we won't know your preferences, habits, quirks, personality etc. Only you know all these.

      It is never too late to start anew. And if you're unhappy where you are now, it is probably worth it to start anew. You say you have no strong passion in anything, but then why are you questioning your career now? You must have some preferences that are not met at your current position.

      Take some time to reflect on your preferences and find job opportunities that match your preferences. They may come from various industries, and that's ok. Apply for those jobs, go for all the interviews you're called up for. Ask all the questions you want to see if your personality is a good fit.

      Finding something good for you could take some time. If you have commitments like a spouse, a property and/or children, you will have to seek support from your family as you go on this journey.

      Also give each job opportunity some time. You may not start off doing what you like, but over time you might like what you do.

      All the best!

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    • Teresa Wu
      Teresa Wu
      23 Answers, 39 Upvotes
      Answered on 27 Sep 2018

      It's never too late to do a career switch! You never know what door might open for you and you might discover your passion along the way too. All the best!

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    Jeff Yeo
    Jeff Yeo, amateur Social contributor at School of social sharing
    268 Answers, 388 Upvotes
    30 Sep 2018

    Never to late to learn and never too late to change

    take part time courses, take a degree, self study online and offline

    you just have to be persistent to potential employers that you are willing to learn and can do that job.

    find your passion that will help guide your career path

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