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04 Aug 2022



Is it too late to start a career, or take a u turn at 28 years old?

I have a diploma in nursing and i dont have any job experience wrt my diploma. i straight away start my career with being a financial consultant.

Which other career/industry would be a better choice? No strong passion in anything too... im so lost

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I am 29. Actually, passion doesn't have to always be aligned with your work. Unfortunely, many people our age think that it has to. You can gradually grow closer to that ideal though. Because if you try and align passion and work at the start, it might be very difficult, but if you slowly grow towards that goal, it might be more doable. eg. You can go through the safer path of nursing and do FA part time, because FA is not a stable stream of income especially at the start but nursing is. All the best!


15 Aug 2022

Product Manager at Seedly

28 is still young and you still have time to find your passion! Maybe while working you can carve some time out to do some short courses or read up on what you might be interested to do and try it out! There are lots of options out there, and if you are singaporean you can make use of your skills future credits to try things out

  • Same. I only have passion in enjoy life, no passion in work. This is call professionalism. πŸ˜†
  • 28...

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