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Hospitalisation Insurance (H&S)

Ivan Ong

Asked 5d ago

Anyone can share where to get cheaper hospitalisation plan?

Does anyone know?


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Financial Gardener
Financial Gardener
Level 2. Rookie
Answered 5d ago

I’m interested to know as well. I have pre-existing and have been rejected by insurer before. Currently I’ve looked at:

and lastly:

Still researching, would be good to see what others say here. 🙂


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Tan Li Xing
Tan Li Xing

5d ago

Hi Kathryne, you could check out Cigna, as I have friends who are currently working in a Global Organisation, and their group insurance is with Cigna. They might have what you are looking for in terms of a global health plan

5d ago

Thank You!

The cheapest private healthcare insurance policy today may not be so tomorrow, vice versa. This is because the insurers reserve the rights to alter the rate of premium upon policy renewal, and most of them will not do it on an individual basis.

If you are looking at a general comparison, you can find it from Ministry of Health.

More Details:

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Cheaper than which policy Anon?

The cheapest in Singapore would be Medishield Life and we already have that automatically.


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Hi Ivan,

Thought to highlight, in regards to the base plan, if you are under 50, usually you will not need to fork out cash actually, as the Medisave withdrawal limits should well cover the annual premiums till then.

However if you are gonna get the rider attached to the base plan, then that component's premiums have to be paid in cash.

The base plan will cover up to 90% of the medical bills, but it will not coverage the annual deductible and also co-insurance (also known as co-payment) of 10%, those 2 portions of the medical bills will need to be paid by the insured.

Adding in the rider will help subsidise the deductible and co-payment portion of the bills, meaning you will just end up needing to pay just 5% of the medical bills, and the insurer will cover the rest.

Do look around, as I'm sure that you can actually find a comparison chart of sorts online


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