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Anyone can share their returns (what level) for AutoWealth?

How is your experience investing with AutoWealth?


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    Hi there, unfortunately I cannot provide you with my returns as I have just started off last month. But what I can share is why I chose AW compared to the rest. This reason is due to the custodian account that AW creates for us investors and is also the reason why I would invest in Endowus in the future too for SRS/CPF. This is from my understanding, if I'm wrong, the seedly community will correct me.

    AW employs the use of Saxo Markets as the custodian account in my name, while other robos has a generalised custodian account. A general custodian account is where all the investor's month is parked at, all in to 1 account. So, as robos are relatively new, there is no guarantee they'll still be around in 30yrs. Therefore, with a custodian account in my name, if the robo company fails, the stocks are in my name and I get to choose when I want to liquidate. If the robo company with a general custodian account fails, say during covid when markets are red, you'll be cashed out at whatever the stocks are worth at that point. This sense of security is why I chose AW other the other robos, even tho other robos offer a higher return.

    Additionally, I'm young and my investment goal is for retirement, my risk profile is 4, 80% equity and 20% bonds. I may consider to downgrade my risk at later stages.

    Anws, with regards to actual returns, I quote my Wealth Manager using the quarterly report as of Sept 20. 2017 @ 6.01%, 2018 @ -6.08%, 2019 @ 19.56%. Sept 2017 to Sept 2020 is at 20.87% (nett of fees). So average of 6.9% for a risk 4 profile. Yes each AW investor has an assigned Wealth Manager. And there's an investor telegram chat where the CEO replies investors.

    I would like to add that investors that started in 2020 would not be able to provide a proper indication on AW returns due to the bull market due to covid.

    This is my sharing and not financial advice. Cheers!



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