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Anyone being using YouTrip card in China and what are your positive & negative experiences?

Is it a good option to have in China, especially since in many cities fintech is prevalent everywhere/it's cashless.


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Tee-Ming Chew
Tee-Ming Chew, Co-founder at Seedly
Level 6. Master
Answered 4w ago

I actually had a bad experience with the multi currency card app itself...

So I was in Malaysia couple months back and I was going to pay on behalf of the dining group. Before making the payment, I wanted to check the app to see if I have sufficient amount to pay for the meal. Turns out I was actually logged out of the app and when I was trying to login, it requires OTP that was sent to my Singapore SIM which I have no access to (because I was using the local SIM). So in the end, I had to use another multi-currency card to make the payment (which I was logged in already).

That being said, any app that uses OTP login only will face the same issue. So just beware and make sure you're logged in if they require OTP!

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Kelly Trinh
Kelly Trinh

4w ago

This may be quite a painful drawback if don't have roaming / other way to access SG SIM as I have noticed the app has this tendency to auto-logout based on some internal criteria...

Neither positive/negative - but something to keep an eye out for - in China, as a anti-fraud merchants generally require a PIN to complete transactions (vs signature / contactless here) - so make sure you set/remember before you take your trip



It works well as long as the merchant accpets it. Otherwise, Alipay is a better choice.

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Jayden Lee
Level 4. Prodigy
Answered 2w ago

Was charged a sum for inactivity! I only use it when I travel that's the thing..

I have since then, not use it. Dislike hidden fees.



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Jayden Lee

2w ago

Dang. Apparently not.
Kelly Trinh
Kelly Trinh

2w ago

Https:// Apparently was booted since July 22... need to ask CS to reverse out if you've been charged recently