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Asked on 09 Jul 2019

Any tips for me to try and bid for Scoot BIZ and get an upgrade?

I am about to fly off to a trip I booked via Scoot sometime back and received an email that I can actually fly via business class, wondering anyone has done this successfully before and how much did you bid for your Scoot BIZ ticket? Thanks and appreciate in advance!


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I bid once for an upgrade at the lowest end of the scale just for the fun of it and got upgraded. I won't say it's exactly worth my money (BKK to SG is not very far) but I did get luggage allowance, priority boarding and a hot meal, plus the seat was akin to premium economy on most full service carriers, so I hope that gives you an idea of what to expect.

I would say you can just vote at the lowest end of the scale, and hopefully you'll get it. The airline is probably trying to monetize vacant seats as it doesn't see a possibility of selling it prior to departure, so any money gained from the upgrade will be their bottom line.


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Kenneth Lou
Kenneth Lou, Co-founder at Seedly
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Updated on 21 Jul 2019

Hey! I’ve actually written about this recently on a full blog post. :)

Here are some tips and hacks:

  • Book a regular Economy seat for your Scoot flight at least 1 month in advance

  • Pray that the ScootBiz seats on your flight don't get filled

  • Look out for a Scoot email one day before your flight titled - “Bid for ScootBiz for your booking ABCDEF”

  • Bid a maximum 40% above the minimum bid for red-eye flights(because many people will be trying to push for a more comfortable seat to sleep in it and if anything above 40% would be the normal ScootBiz price)

  • Bid the minimum bid for day flights(because less people would worry about the comfort as they're most likely watching Netflix or videos on their phone, instead of sleeping)

View the full blog post here:

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21 Jul 2019