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Asked 2w ago

Am I restricted to buying stocks in multipliers of 1000?

Quick question on lot size: if the minimum of lot size is 1000, can I buy 1500? Or it has to be a multiplier of 1000?


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Eric Ong Cfa
Eric Ong Cfa, Project Analyst at 8Bit Global
Level 6. Master
Answered 2w ago

It wil largely depends on the market and company you invest into.

For Example, in US Market, it is trasacted in 1 unit, i.e. 1 lot = 1 unit.

For Taiwan Market, their stock are mainly traded in 1000 multiple.

For Japan and Hong Kong wise, it varies, it may be 1000, 2000, 100. So depends on the company it self.

For Malaysia and Singapore, it is in multiple of 100.



You don't need to buy a whole number of lots. However, the fractional lot of your order will be considered an 'odd lot' and traded seperately - odd lots tend to have less liquidity and you have slightly inferior price.



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Kelly Trinh
Kelly Trinh

2w ago

There is different bid/offers for odd lots - the price may be slightly inferior as the brokerages/banks would be buying the odd lots and consolidating them (to be multiple of standard lot size) for resale, and the price gap between odd lots / standard lots would be the compensation of the additional effort involved.
Question Poster

2w ago

Cool, thank you!
Gabriel Tham
Gabriel Tham, Tag Team Member at Kenichi Tag Team
Level 9. God of Wisdom
Answered 2w ago

The lot size has already changed to 100 min shares on the mainboard SGX. There is still the odd lots market that caters to those who want to trade in odd lots less that 100 shares.