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26 Jan 2023



Would you get 4 or 5 room flat? Why?

Considering 4-rm flat you'll get more subsidy from gov.

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Buy what fits your needs, it can vary from person to person and at the same time, also how much you earn and how many people there are. There are also various ways to save money even if you have a big flat, conisdering energy and utitlities are very high at the moment, so to cut costs, even green energy savings can be implmented.

4room. Then after MOP move to 5room/ec if needed for sure. Wear a cap that fits your head

5 room flat so the other room can be rent out.

If i can afford i will get 5 room. Resale value higher, bigger space won't hurt, just need to clean more space only.

In short, based on your needs/wants and affordability...

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