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How much would you spend for a HDB 4 or 5 room flat renovation and why?

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I think it depends on how long you intend to stay there?

I guess it depends on when you do your renovation? 10 yrs ago the reno wld be considerably lesser compared to the recent years. In my case, i've not gotten my place but in the next 1-2yrs. I am expecting to set aside 70-80k for a 5rm due to inflationg etc. Things won't be as cheap as compared to 10 years ago hence the bigger budget.

Depends on your current financial status, I guess. We spent around 13k on our reno for the first BTO and went very basic. Kitchen and bedroom cabinets + painting + electricity. We didn't need toilet bowls or tiles because it came with the flat.

Years later, we spent around 55k (pre-covid) on a second flat to make it a cosier place because we intend to make it our permanent home. Usually I wouldn't recommend you spend so much on your first home if you intend to sell later because my impression is that it'd make it easier to sell in the original condition. For example, not everyone may like the walk-in wardrobe that you knocked down walls to build so you might have to put the wall back up if you want to secure the sale.

I also don't believe in taking a loan to renovate. Just do what you can afford and dress up the rest with furniture or decor.

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I will see the cond first before decide whether to do renovation or not

Spent about 30+k on my 4 RM renovation since it was 1st BTO and we wanted to keep everything intact ...

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