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27 Apr 2020


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Would you focus on active or passive investment? Are there any reasons why we should invest in active funds given the high fees also?

Studies showed that only 18% of active investors perform better than index. Any reasons on why we should invest in active funds given the high fees also?

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Why active management by yourself (or a fund manager) is a very disadvantageous idea you could read here:


nowadays you can manage equity investing all by yourself with some reading (f.ex. the mentioned evidence based book). there are so many beautiful and diversified cheap&large ETFs. It is difficult to see for the beginner that the simplest solution to investing leads to best performance...​​​

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Hi there,

Active vs. Passive is based on 2 factors: how much time and capital you have on hand. For active investing you need to be constantly monitoring the markets (especially during current market conditions) whereas with passive you focus on lower risk investments such as ETF’s

kristal.AI is a platform you can consider because they offer a wide range of ETF’s across global markets and they have an algorithm which provides personalized investment advice based on your risk profile and investment goals.

Here's the link to Kristal's review for your reference:


Hope this helps,


Pang Zhe Liang

Pang Zhe Liang

25 Apr 2020

Level 14Β·Senior Financial Services Consultant at AIA Singapore Private Limited

It depends on your needs and fund selection. While the statistics may be true, it doesn't give you a complete picture on your investment portfolio. For instance, the risk that we are undertaking in order to achieve the desired return, as well as whether active management is done to the current portfolio.

In any case, there is no right or wrong answer to this end. Instead, it depends on your investment objective and what you are comfortable to invest your money into.

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Lim Boon Tat

Lim Boon Tat

25 Apr 2020

Level 10Β·Mathematics at Cambridge University

I would encourage you to pick up active investment yourself, read some books, paper-trade, and invest in your own education. Right now, perhaps you may have very little investment capital, and EVEN if you can achieve 20% returns, you may think it may not be worth your time invested in getting those returns, but 10 years down the road, it will start making it worth your time (because your portfolio will be bigger), but you would have lost 10 years of learning.

Most active funds dont beat the market, so i definitely won't hand over my money to an active fund manager. But i do encourage most people to learn about value investing, individuals like us can access investment opportunities that the big boys can't. ​​​

I think active investment can be much more lucrative but only after you have sizeable capital (like ...

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