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21 Apr 2021

General Investing

Will you advise holding or selling off after buying Tesla using Tiger Brokers 10% off voucher?

Anyone who sold or decided to hold Tesla after using the voucher?

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21 Apr 2021

Founder at thefrugalstudent.com

Hi Anon,

I think it depends on your risk appetite and investment goals.

Tesla as a stock is fairly volatile, so if you don't like that, you may not want to hold on to it. If you're looking for short-term gains, then selling immediately is the way to go too. If you're more of a long-term buy and hold investor, then holding onto Tesla will be the better choice because as Maisul has mentioned, there is a lot of potential upside for Tesla.

Hope this helps & all the best!



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21 Apr 2021

Youtuber at Google (Channel : Say Do Invest)

In my personal opinion (not a financial advisor)

Tesla is still a baby company (meaning they are just about to get started). Just like how Apple was when they first launched their iphone 3 (smatphone breakthrough)

Getting out of tesla now would not be wise as they have many more upside potential than downside.

Of course i might be wrong and every investment has risks like for example what happened recently where 2 people died in a tesla as they "claimed" autopilot failed.

Tesla is more than a autmotive company, its a all-rounder energy company. Other than selling electric vehicles, they have exposure to Solar energy / Supercharger business / Powerwall business / Insurance business / RoboTaxi business / Tesla servicing , so you should see tesla as all these and im bullish for Tesla in the future.

This is a long term play of course, short term stock is volatile as f.

Just sharing my own thoughts, feel free to think otherwise :)

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