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Why more and more people becoming FA

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Many factors which differs from person to person.

  • No other skills / lazy to learn and practice
  • Seeing all these agents living lavish lives and staying in condo, they think they can do it too
  • Genuine passion for talking and connecting with people (extroverted)
  • Genuine interest in Finance(?) (I label this controversial because IYKYK ;))

Flexible time sales job. You decide where, when and how much salary you need. Highly customizable. Hence attractive especially to younger generation who hates any boundaries and restrictions. Like why ppl do grab lor - I work when I can/like it.


Boundaries and restrictions have its own strengths and weaknesses since e.g. laws have been working for centuries, boundaries keep ppl under control (we need it, no matter how we try to justify). Always challenging something conventional may not always be right. Change sometimes is for the worse.

Don't have time and money. stress and high expectation from partner also contribute

They think they can get good money...

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