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01 Jul 2019


What would you consider a diversified investment portfolio?

What would you consider a diversified investment portfolio with regards to property?

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Douglas Chow

Douglas Chow

26 May 2019

Level 5·Chief Enlightenment Officer at Empower Advisory

Hi, Douglas here, 2nd Key note speakers.

From my own experience and that of my high net worth clients, it would encompass property of different types. My high net worth clients are also shifting to commercial and industrial properties to avoid paying ABSD for residential properties.

It requires a lot of ammo, so much depends on your firepower. If your firepower is limited for now, you can start with REITs investment. But don't be seduced by the quatererly dividends as it all depends on the performance of the Reits as well. Anaylse reits just like how u analyse stocks, studying the assets they hold and challenges they might face, Don't repeat the mistakes of folks who bought "High Yield" Hyflux bonds and didn't even read Hyflux financial statements. One look at the accounts and at the startling negative cash flow that dated back almost 9 years, I advised my clients not to subscribe to Hyflux bonds. So nobody got burnt.​​​
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Remember, plan your finances properly, don’t overstretch, do your homework and enjoy your property investment journey.
Douglas Chow

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