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          03 Mar 2020



          What would be the impact of covid-19 on REITS? Is it a good time to buy REITS now?

          With the performance of the REIT affected leading to lower dividend payouts, would the stock prices drop further after the dividend payouts compared to now with only the outbreak?


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              Elijah Lee

              Elijah Lee

              01 Mar 2020

              Level 18Β·Independent Financial Advisor at Phillip Securities (Jurong East)

              I see immediate pressure on retail retails, and you can expect distributions to take a hit. Especially those with properties in China. You can expect some downward pressure on the price, with supports being seriously tested this time round.

              However, as Frankie has mentioned, long term we should do fine, unless COVID-19 mutates and wipes out 10% or more of the world's population and plunges the world economy into chaos.



                  With the retail investor start to panic sell, it's time to get ready to go in. U can do DCA as we do not know when is the bottom will be hit. Long term REITS will rebound for sure.



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                      There can (like Sasseur in China) be immediate pressure on shopping malls, maybe 2020 earnings gener...

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