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27 Jun 2019


What sort of Baby insurances to purchase?

What sort of insurances should i purchase for my first born who is coming out in a couple of months? what are points i should take note or ask when meeting my agent? Thanks alot.

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Clarence Chua

Clarence Chua

27 Jun 2019

Financial Planning Specialist at Prudential Assurance Singapore

The few protection (as what Hariz has mentioned too) you should ensure for your child will be

I don’t think at this stage of pregnancy, your child is able to get a pre-birth insurance so it should be:

  1. Integrated shield plan (ISP) with Rider: This will
    Cover a good 95% of hospital bills

  2. Both critical and early illness coverage. Because in the unfortunate event if such happen, one of you has a high likely hood to stop working and income for whoever stop working needs to be replaced.

The payout may also help to pay for some lifestyle changes you guys may need to make. (Considering getting 4 to 7 years of annual income as coverage)
The duration is up to you, you can either get life or x number of years till he will be working him or herself

The bills should be mainly covered by your ISP plan with rider.

  1. Get a Personal Accident plan If your company insurance don’t cover what a personal accident plan covers.

Welcome to parenting soon.

My wife just delivered our first born last week and i have done a You Tube video that share on what insurance parent can considered to get for their baby.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LPbdiNP-2o4&t=11s We are getting 3 type of insurance for our son

  1. Before our child are born, we get a pre-natal insurance that are able to transfer the life plan that come with early and critical illness rider to our child without any medical underwriting.
  2. Next is to get a medical insurance that cover congenital illness without waiting period.
  3. As children are more prone to accident like knock and fall, we are planning to get him a per accident that also cover infectious disease.

These are the 3 key insurance plans that we are getting for our son.

While planning for the children, do that note that you and your spouse are also well protected on medical, illness and liability.

As for education plan, to us it is not a must, it is a good to have plan. Get it only when you have spare cash and it doesn't affect your lifestyle.

Your own retirement planning is more important than your child education plan. I also encourage parent to plan for their own retriement first before looking at their children education plan.

Hope that help.

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Hariz Arthur Maloy

Hariz Arthur Maloy

27 Jun 2019

Independent Financial Advisor at Promiseland Independent

In order of importance.

1) Integrated Shield Plan with Rider - Covers Hospital Bills. Usually the ...

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