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28 Sep 2019


What should be my priority? Paying off my student loan or start investing?

Not sure if I should get rid of my debt first OR start investing. Any advice?

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Guo Hao Teo

Guo Hao Teo

07 Jun 2019

Self-Taught Enthusiast at Personal Finance

I would think that paying of your student debt would be the top priority.

Because interest works both ways:

  • Up: When you have positive returns it will compound
  • Down: when you have debt, your interest of 1-2% will grow as well

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I personally think that paying off student loan should be your priority even if your student loan may have very low interest rates.

By payiing off your student loan, you will be able to free youself up by pursuinf other major goals. Such goals include buying your house, wedding etc and even investing!

Also, if you currently have the financial resources to be able to do so, it will be best if you pay off your student loan. This way, you will also be able to have one thing off your mind after paying off your loan.

hope this helps!

Daniel Lee

Daniel Lee

15 Apr 2019

Independent Wealth Management Consultant at Promiseland Independent Pte Ltd

Short answer. It depends, you have to look at it at a broader perspective and decide if either optio...

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