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19 Jan 2020

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What's the best brokerage for overseas stock market purchases in the US, LSE?

Hi everyone, I’m intending to invest in overseas companies, those listed on NYSE, LSE etc.

Which would be an ideal brokerage for me assuming
1) I intend to DCA into ETFs in each quarter
2) maybe short term trade US counters within 1-2 month one trade.

I can’t decide between IBKR and SCB.

IBKR have 120 comms per year but I don’t think my trade comms will hit 120.
On the other hand SCB has bad FX spreads.

Can someone enlighten me?

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Bjorn Ng

Bjorn Ng

13 Jan 2020

Level 13·Business Analyst at 10x Capital

I recommend Interactive Brokers! One of the most competitive fees out there which allows you to trade in many markets, with super close to Google exchange spread.

SCB fees and exchange spread alone is pretty steep..

However, if you are looking at TD, do take note that it does not cover LSE!

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I agree with Jonathon- TD ameritrade is good option because their comission fee is low. To add on the fact, they have a large platform which gives you access to multiiple overseas market and commodities​​​

Jonathan Chia Guangrong

Jonathan Chia Guangrong

13 Jan 2020

Level 12·Cybersecurity Trainee at Bank in blue

I'll suggest Td Ameritrade for US market. For retail level it's about 10.65 usd for stock transactio...

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