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15 Dec 2020



What luxury bag is considered as a good investment? Is YSL, Chanel, Dior and LV considered a good investment on luxury bags?

Some people consider luxury bag not an investment, some felt it depends on the brands.
Always wanted a chanel bag but just not justified with the price increase/ pricing (8k) and feel like there would not be as much gains anymore?

I know Hermes is quite good/the best because it is hard to even get some of their signature bags

What are your thoughts?


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What are your thoughts?

Clara Ng

Clara Ng

11 Sep 2020

Level 12Β·Community Manager at Seedly

Hi Anon,

Hopefully a female's voice here would give a different perspective.

I would say luxury bag investment is more unconventional. Some will not even call it an investment. But I do acknowledge that it can be a form of investment. In fact, according to the Luxury Handbag 2020 Report by Art Market Research, the category of collectible luxury handbags claimed the no. 1 position as an "investment of passion" for 2020, outperforming art, classic cars and rare whiskey.

It is also the category that is growing the fastest. The research measured the performance of selected Hermes, Louis Vuitton and Chanel handbags, which revealed that these designer pieces skyrocketed and increased in value as their resale prices were significantly higher than their original selling prices.

Personally, I don't see luxury bags as a form of investment because I don't intend to resell them later. But that doesn't mean you can't buy them, if you can afford to.​​​





12 Sep 2020

Level 10Β·Life Alchemist at School of Hard Knocks

Well, you can consider to buy shares in Birkins.

Can’t Afford a Birkin Bag or a Racehorse? You Can Invest in One


In the article, Rally Rd. is mentioned as the platform to buy and share equity shares in collectible assets, not just on luxury bags.


Downside is you don't get to touch or hold the bags. 😁



Luxury bags/items is certainly not a common "asset class" which the general pubic associate with inv...

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