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09 Dec 2019



What low risk stocks with decent dividends would you recommend investing in based on the current market?

What are some "safe bets" that i can take when it comes to investing in stocks with guaranteed returns?

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What are your thoughts?

I'd like to counter question, what business do you feel is unlikely to change in the next 5 years?

Do we associate Low risk with Low debt? if yes then that may provide you with some idea on what to filter. Munger once said, you can go bankrupt if you have no debt!

Bjorn Ng

Bjorn Ng

09 Dec 2019

Level 13Β·Business Analyst at 10x Capital

Hey Belinda! Good question. Sometimes I do also think about this as I am generally of risk adverse nature.

If we are talking about SGX, I would go for resilient Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), mainly in the healthcare and retail industry. Think about it logically, if one day the market downturn comes, do you think that people will stop going to hospitals? Also, do you think people will stop going to malls in Singapore? I don't think so - and take note that in the case of retail REITs, those REITs just need traffic in their malls (they get income through rental of shops in the malls). These REITs provide about 5% yield/year, which is pretty decent for me.

Also, may I share that technically there is no such thing as guaranteed returns.. The only guarantee you have is your current cash! Hahaha. But on that point, apart from stocks, you can also consider to maximize the potential of bank accounts like DBS Multiplier, Stand Chart Jumpstart, OCBC360, UOB One etc, and also Singapore Savings Bond. These options gives you about 2% guaranteed yield per year.

Maybe consider vicom if you're happy with dividends of 5%...

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