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07 Jun 2019

What is the best way to pay income tax?


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    What are your thoughts?

    As i am accummulating miles, i pay income tax using cardup. I need to pay 2.6% service fee, but in return, CITI Rewards Card offer 4mpd for that. When i calculated, the mile cost is 0.63 cents per mile (which is cheap to me)

    If i pay $5,000 income tax using the cardup platform, cardup will change me 2.6% which is equivalent to $130 fee. Citi Reward card will give me 20,520 miles which I can use the miles to fly from SIN to HK via Cathay Pacific on economy cabin + Tax. I think paying $130 for this return flight is not bad.

    This is just an example, we usually won't use mile redemption this way. But i hope this illustrate my point.




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      Giro would be the easiest for me.




        GIRO for me too. Fuss free...

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