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Kenneth Fong

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Edited 27 Oct 2021


What do you think about the newly announced Prime Location Public Housing (PLH) Model?

TL;DR: The PLH model will apply to selected public housing projects in prime and central locations, such as the city centre and surrounding areas, including the Greater Southern Waterfront.

For new PLH flats

  • Clawback for additional subsidies
  • Reduced priority allocation quota for Married Child Priority Scheme

For Resale PLH flats

  • Tighter rules and eligibility conditions

After purchase of PLH flat

  • 10-Year MOP
  • Tighter rental conidions


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The location is nice, very convenient

Why not 7.5 or 15 years? Even can't sell at all?

We were kinda expecting some new restrictions to happen, especially since prices started rising to all-time highs at the start of the year. Remember when everyone was speculating whether MAS would impose stricter property cooling measures? So it doesn't really come as a surprise that they introduced the PLH model.

Soooooo lemme get this straight.... If I'm not a baby maker, I can't live near my workplace as a Single unless I get myself into a large debt buying condo? I wonder if there are couples out there who get married for the sake of HDB even when they're not compatible? At least leave those 3 room flats for us Singles.....

  • Those who buy PLH, probably those who will live there forever, if you buy at age 30, wait to bu...

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