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What are some ways for a university student to earn money on the side, apart from investing?

Any side hustle suggestions for university students?

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What are your thoughts?

Love the suggestion on this thread! Here’s some others you can consider:

  1. Start a blog - Blogs are great sources of passive income through ad sense and affiliate marketing. It will take some time to build up your blog, but it also doubles up as your portfolio when you are applying for jobs (if it’s related to the career path you’re interested in).

  2. Learn copywriting - Copywriting is one of the most in demand skills even during the pandemic. Despite what’s happening in the world, businesses still need to make sales/advertisements and publish content on social media. What’s more, you can even work remotely as a writer giving you access to a wide pool of clients.

  3. Scholarships - A scholarship with a monthly stipend could allow you to offset costs on education and also provides some money to spare for daily use. Here’s a list of scholarships for university / polytechnic / ITE students that you can check out.

  4. Switch to a part-time degree - One of the drawbacks of part-time jobs is the long hours spent working as opposed to studying. Part-time degrees are the best of both worlds as you study at a more manageable pace allowing you to keep earning money on the side.

Tbh!!! Sell your notes on carousell! It helps you to earn a little hehehe

• tuition
• events part time job
• buy & resell stuff
• food delivery
• sign up as an extra (acting)
• do surveys

Hey there! Personally, I always strive to look for a skill that can be transferrable to any further ...

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