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24 Dec 2019



What are some factors to consider when looking for a job?

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Cedric Jamie Soh

24 Dec 2019

Director at Seniorcare.com.sg

  1. Happiness- would you be looking forward to Mondays? Monday is like 20% of your entire work life. If you are not going to be looking forward to monday, thats not a good thing

  2. Salary - enough or you can get it better elsewhere?

  3. FUTURE development- are you learning something that will help you grow so that you can either do bigger things in the future or earn more in the future?

I always see jobs as stepping stones to the next job. (similiarly my business is a stepping stone to the next business)

Angeline Teo

21 Dec 2019

Calculator at The Internet

Interests and passion.

i know passion is overrated and overused, but it is a sad truth-- if u don't enjoy what you are working on, it is going to drag down your happiness level.

money can only buy happiness till a certain level.

you don't have to find a job that u love so much, but at least grab a job that you don't mind waking up and take a long journey for.

your colleague makes the job happier too!

  1. Boss- is your direct supervisor someone that can help you learn, to experience lessons and to gain from them

  2. Colleagues- able to give u happiness at work, or just political shit

  3. Money- i put this as last.. it is IMPORTANT but not as important as your boss and colleagues that will determine your future growth and future money!

The most important ones for me is the culture in the company. I would usually go to read up a little about the company reviews and what i did previously before i join current company was i did scuttlebut. I asked fews of the employees what makes them want to go to work everyday!

Bjorn Ng

20 Dec 2019

Business Analyst at 10x Capital

If you are a fresh graduate, I honestly would say don't be too picky. Understand about the job respo...

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