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29 Jun 2022


What advice would you give your younger self about anything finance related?

Whether or not you regret what you have done or not doing. Just wanna learn more from the community and hope to make smarter financial decisions while we are still young/still got a chance to reverse the current situation.

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  1. No to YOLO. YOLO is better if you have the money to spend. I would tell my younger self to follow delayed gratification instead of instant gratification. Better save money while I'm young 'cause I don't know what will happen when I'm 40 or 50 (I'm talking from the perspective of someone who has delayed looking at my finances when I was in my early 20s, and now that we're heading to a hyperinflation* and stagflation as they call it, I regret not growing my money when I was younger.
  2. Invest your money whether it be in real estate or REITs or stocks or gold or forex or crypto. As long as it can grow and not be stuck with just 1% interest in the bank (hell, not even more than the inflation rate!)

*if you're wondering where I got the info on hyperinflation, it's from this article: https://web.vi.app/hyperinflation-how-to-prepare

Learn more about investment. Start small, take risk so that you can fail fast, fall forward. Have an open mind and get a good mentor.

Ivan Guan

Ivan Guan

07 Jul 2022

Founder at SGMoneyMatters.com

Fail earlier, fail small so you can fail less and win later.

Chin Guo Qiang

Chin Guo Qiang

06 Jul 2022

Assistant Vice President, IT EUC at OCBC

Not saving and investing aggressive enough, having more discipline in this area helps a lot !...

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