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07 Aug 2021


General Investing

TD Ameritrade vs IBKR

For DCA-ing ~3k monthly into US ETFs such as VOO, VTI, which platform would be the best to use?


TDA Pros:

  • Zero Comms
  • Simpler mobile app
  • Live pricing

TDA Cons:

  • 25 USD Withdrawal fee
  • Longer deposit/withdrawal times
  • No fractional shares
  • Only US Market

IBKR Pros:

  • Cheap comms but not zero
  • Fractional Shares
  • Large Market access
  • 1 Free withdrawal a month


  • App is hard to navigate
  • Has commissions
  • No live pricing

Wondering if anyone has any insight on which platform is best to use? In terms of access to fractional shares and also portfolio analysis tools (such as live P/L graphs etc)?


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