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06 Nov 2020



Should I do a mid-career switch now? 33yo in a senior level position considering going back to school to pursue higher interest..?

Currently at a senior level in my career. I've always wanted to semi-retire by 40plus and then pursue something I like.

My job has been very stressful this period and everyday is a dread to go to work... Can't see myself living like that for the next 7 years. Should I further my studies and pursue what i like now instead of waiting until i'm 40? This means I have to stomach around 50% paycut for a long time.

What would you do?

PS: I have enough savings for now.

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Lee Gek Lan

06 Nov 2020

Financial Consultant at Income

Hi, been in your shoes before. Prior to going into the studies or pursue the switch, Suggest if there is chance, speak to those already in the field that you are pursuring, ask them questions n opinions like what is it like in the job day to day, what are their challenges faced and what is their job satisfsction. Take back the answers and think if it is something that you want to pursue.

Sometimes, when you attend the school talk, they will ask the students to speak on their experiences or during the talk before u enrol in the course, u will get to know more about the couse, is it something that u want to commit your time to study or is this study something which u pursue, you will be happier.

Evaluate Is this field something that you want to see yourself in by talking to people already inside.

Family support?
Accept pay cut initially?
Have any plan B. If thing dont go well?
If yes, good to go...

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