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11 Oct 2021

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Should I continue with robos if I'm already buying ETFs?

I started with robo when I first started investing. But now I have bought ETF myself, what should I do with my robo - continue to add, just leave it there or withdraw and put into ETF?


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Hi anon, I would say it depends on your current portfolio and what the robos offer.

If the robo will j end up investing your money in similar etfs, i would say there is no point. For instance, if you are mainly etfs that track the s&p500, most robos would also put the bulk of the money in the s&p500 and that wouldnt add much value to your portfolio.

However, if you are mainly buying chinese etfs or themetic etfs, robos could provide greater diversification.

There are also some robos such as syfe that has themetic and reit portfolios. These could be very cost effective ways to gain greater diversification as well if you mainly invest in S&p500 etfs. Especially the reit portfolio.

Hope this helps!



WenBin Leong

WenBin Leong

15 Oct 2021

Level 8·Business Studies at Ngee Ann Polytechnic

Depends if you still want the allocation to GLD, Bonds etc, if not then btr to just buy etf yourself as it saves you fees



This one need to talk to you more to find out what are your plans for both the Robo and ETF. The inf...

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