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25 Jun 2020


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I'm a fresh grad, 23 years old and have been working 4 months. I've already saved up emergency funds. What ETFs should I buy now?

Hi, I've been working for 4 months with income of 3k/mth (exclusive of CPF). I have emergency funds for 8 months of expenses. Decided to dip my hands into investing and put $100 in a robodavisor. Now I want to invest in ETFs using FSMOne. Which ones should I get for a RSP? I'm looking at OGIG and VOO but unsure about the 30% tax. Total noob here so I'm all ears.

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Hi, good idea to start early thinking of autonomous investing.

The VOO is surely a top recommendation, but only covering U.S. markets (which are however the most important and successful ones for sure), for the beginning investor a more global mixture or addition of f.ex. an MSCi World or MSCI ACWI would be more recommendable.

OGIG seems very interesting but is a tight subsector technology ETF with the advantage of global exposure. Subsector ETFs must be classified by definition as risky. In it's short time of existence (inception 05.06.2018) at least it was very successful. However the assets under management (AUM 164 mio USD)

are still relatively low, maybe growing. Important since the small ETFs sometimes get closed (then the investor receives her money back), but over 100 mio AUM is probably o.k. Also the annual fee of currently 0.48% is typically "expensive" for sector ETFs, maybe even on the cheap side. The nicest thing is that is not a strictly U.S. exposure ETF but global, or more factually currently 20% China technology exposure added to mainly U.S. exposure , so better diversified.

A similar global tech one would be Xtrackers MSCI World Information Technology UCITS ETF 1C.

U.S. only successful ones are VGT, FDN, SOXX and SKYY

A successful Asia only one is ASX: ASIA.​​​

Can I ask which robos you are invested with and what is your allocation? because it seems weird to me if robo invested in S&P500 and you are again looking at VOO.

For platforms such as FSMone, take note of their fees structures. ETF is not 0% sales charge. I find such platform providers fee structure confusing generally, so I do not use their services.

30% witholding tax applies to US stocks dividends, which will also be incurred when your ETF pays out dividends to you. no tax on capital appreciation.​​​

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