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22 Mar 2021



Share your plan to pay off university fees?

I would like to know more about how people manage to repay their university fees so quickly. I am about to graduate so I want to pay off my loans soon to avoid interest fees.
Currently my plan is to pay half the loan amount in advance and the rest i will pay monthly. But I am not sure if it is the way to go. Any advice will be greatly appreciated! 😊

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22 Mar 2021

Personal Butler at Devhaus

Hello Jamie!

I believe many can resonate with your situation, but there are many factors to take into considerations.

To keep it brief, the 2 main solutions (like many others mentioned) are to either 1) minimise your expenses, or 2) maximise your income.

My personal preference would be to go on the offence - because there is a cap on how much you can save, but not how much you can earn. Also, if the work you're generating for income proves to be relevant in your future endeavours, then that is a sweet little bonus to have.

That said, it is also important to weigh your priorities - whether or not you want to have an engaging and purposeful university life, or relief yourself of loans that can potentially snowball into a heavy burden by working tirelessly (we're talking working and studying concurrently).

We all have to make certain choices in life, and your choices will ultimately decide your destination.

Do extra part time jobs outside or find side hustles to earn more $$$!!!


And also managing your finances well! :) Spend less, save more!


19 Mar 2021

Writer at Jeffreyleezq.com

As much upfront lump sum payment as you can, then subsequently ensure your repayments are consistent...

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