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Kenneth Lou

Co-founder at Seedly

23 Jun 2021



Share your healthy living tips and hacks (fitness and diet) in Singapore?

I recently got quite into fitness in Singapore and are keen to learn from fellow fitness enthusiasts what they do on a daily or regular basis to save up more! I believe that fitness can and should come at an affordable price!

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Try to walk more instead of taking the bus, we have so much sheltered walkways now. Try to cut down on those sugary drinks and drink water instead. Learn to cook instead of eating out all the time. Visit our nature parks to take a stroll and forest bath if you can.

Doing food delivery on bicycle part time, no matter how steep the slope, you will have no choice and not much time for you to eatπŸ˜†. Earn $$$ & stay healthy. Loss 20kg.πŸ˜†

Hey Kenneth,

Yep, fitness should be affordable.

  • Sleep

IMO, this comes first & foremost. The body needs adequate rest to function properly. The gains made in the gym, are only realised fully when sleeping.

  • Hydration

Plain water is all you need. Cut down on sugar from daily BBT or Starbucks, it'll save you some money too. Still, protein powder & electrolytes (if you run frequently) can be beneficial to your recovery. P.S. MyProtein Impact Whey is quite affordable

  • Exercise

I do calisthenics instead of lifting weights in the gym. Main reasons were cost, accessibility and freedom. There are numerous fitness parks with pull-up & dip bars scattered around neighbourhoods. They are free to use and I don't have to worry about peak hours (when have you seen a queue at a pull up bar?) Since I started I got a home pull up bar, some weight plates & dip belt that totalled to $100, which is way cheaper than any gym membership & will last at least a few more years.

Still, gym memberships can be affordable (<$100): https://blog.seedly.sg/cheap-gym-membership-sin...


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Hmmm, I have done some stuff together to cut calories and spending at the same time

1) cut sugar. My personal rule is anything with more than 12% sugar (when viewed by grams or ml) is automatically out. Unless its ice-cream and I happen to be on leave or special occassion.

2) change my daily wake up coffee to be kopi o siew dai, or teh si gosong (down from normal kopi). Normal kopi has added sugar and condensed milk which also contains sugar. Save at least 10 cents per drink, and the rate of weight gain slowed tremendously.

3) try to replace snacks with fruits (good ones). Fruits cost more but you also tend to eat less as they contain more natural calories, with the vitamins and fiber. Less processed food.

4) if you can afford a few extra min, alight one to two stops early from the bus and just increase the walking. Minor savings in fares perhaps, but only slight change to lifestyle while adding a bit more exercise. Feel free to extend the no. of stops if you can take it.

5) generally more efficient to cut the calories from eating vs trying to add a lot more exercise, ie cutting average daily intake from 5000 cal to 3000 cal is much less effort than increasing exercise time by 10+ hrs per wk to burn extra calories. Still good to exercise a few hrs per wk, but the extra calories are like debt, its really hard to clear it while its still piling on...

6) sleep more. Sleep seems to consume a fair bit of calories for body to repair itself, and less wake time = less eating. Sometimes I think its just that we are tired and eating to keep ourselves awake but the body just needs to rest and convert eaten food to energy, not eat more.

Gabriel Tham

21 Jun 2019

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My buddy go to gym everyday....morning, afternoon, evening gym!...

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