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11 Jan 2023


Seedly Personal Finance Festival 2023 speakers line up looks interesting

  • The arcade theme looks interesting too.
  • Few of the speakers are those I sometimes listen to - Josh Tan, Kelvin -Kevinlearninvesting, Mr Loo (1M65), Chris - Honeymoney, Wei Choon - Woke salaryman. - good line up, thanks to Seedly team!
  • Price gone up from 2022 early bird prices though - can understand since they need to book physical location (non longer online).

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It's understandable that the price has gone up from the early bird prices of 2022, as the event is now being held in a physical location squidward instead of being online. However, it's good to see that you still find value in attending the event despite the increase in price. Overall, it seems like it will be a great opportunity to learn more about personal finance and connect with like-minded individuals.

Announced already? haven't see any announcement/ promos.

anyway, loo last time keeping hearing him say a lot he gives free advises this and that, because he is against internet /stock market gurus. but now he is going to speak in a stock / trading signal salesman event. lol. josh tan will be interesting. from his youtube channel, he has a wide range of topics he is knowledgable in. will be good to hear if he has any special insights for seedly members.

edit: ok saw Vernice's post a minute after i posted this. haha.

Vernice Ng

11 Jan 2023

Community Manager at Seedly

We look forward to seeing you!...

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