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Edited 15 Mar 2023


[Seedly Personal Finance Festival 2023] Can REITs Do Well in an Era of High Interest Rates? (Be a Real Estate Tycoon: Are REITs Still a Good Investment?)

🔴 Happening on the side stage on 15 April 2023, 3.05pm


  • Willie Keng, CFA, CEO & Founder, Dividend Titan
  • Rusmin Ang, Co-founder & Director, The Fifth Person
  • Alvin Chow, Founder & CEOM Dr Wealth
  • Kang Yen Joon, Moderator, Writer, SingSaver

Ask your questions anything related to:

  • Why did REITs crash in 2022? Is this a buying opportunity?
  • Should I still add REITs to my investment portfolio with bonds offering competitive rates?
  • How will macroeconomic factors affect REITs in 2023 & beyond?

To view what's happening at the festival, visit https://personal-finance-festival.seedly.sg/

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