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Edited 03 Nov 2021


[Seedly Community 2.0 Contest] Win a Secretlab chair by joining groups on Seedly!

Channel the power of community through Seedly’s new groups and gain the power to do anything you want with your personal finances. ✊

Stand a chance to win a Secretlab chair too! All you have to do is:

  1. Share our Facebook and/or Instagram post
  2. Have a valid Seedly account
  3. Join any of these five groups (Cryptocurrency, Saving Hacks, Stocks, Insurance, General Investing) on Seedly
  4. Tell us which of the five groups you have joined on Seedly and why by submitting your answer below

Contest closes 11:59 pm SGT on 30 Nov 2021. T&Cs apply.

1 lucky winner with the best answer will be announced at 1pm SGT on 1 Dec 2021 🎉


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Dear Seedly Claus 🎅,

(and the helpers judging this contest)

I've been naughty but mostly nice.

I joined 4 of the groups: Cryptocurrency, Saving Hacks, Stocks, General Investing

And 2 others: Credit Cards, Retirement

And that's not just me wanting to play nice. Haha, I actually wanted to just join one group to meet the criteria for this contest, but then the other groups are tempting as well, so I joined more.

As you can see from the groups that I've joined, I'm very much into learning how to save and invest for the future, with the aim to retire early. (Who else is on FIRE 🔥?)

But this "letter" is not going to be about how I've been nice, but how Seedly's been nice to me (and obviously, so many others).

See, I'm quite a noob when it comes to personal finance, so it's really awesome to have Seedly to turn to.

And here's the 🔝 reason why Seedly has been really helpful.

I used to start do my research into finance-related topics (stocks, etfs, etc) by going through the top searches on Google, but those are usually written for US-based/international readers. So when it comes to the Singaporean context (e.g. what are the options available to me as a Singaporean), the platform's been a life-saver cause there are i) Seedly articles for beginners like me, and ii) so many experienced users who generously share their knowledge. So yeah, nowadays I just come to Seedly straight. I'd give the platform 5 stars any day (even a day I'm not vying to win a SecretLab chair). ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Before I end off, shout-out to my favourite new feature in Community 2.0: promo code and spam-free feed! Thanks for listening, because the promo code spamming does drown out the other useful content.

Ok last bit, promise!

Haha you can tell I really want the throne. Been eyeing it since forever (as in, since Titan Evo's grandparents), so this will make the best Xmas gift ever. Really. 🎁🙏

Waiting by the metaphorical chimney with love,


I have joined all the groups because I am interested to find out more and also I have basically zero or minimum knowledge of all these topics especially stocks,general investing and Cryptocurrency. Have invested my CPF in unit trusts and lost money so now I am very sceptical when it comes to investing. It will definitely benefit me to join these groups and learn from the experts here! Liked and shared on FB: Seline Paisely Tan

C | Crypto community in Seedly because it's so easy to ask any questions

R | Right at my finger tips from the Seedly crypto ommunity

Y | You never walk alone

P | Plus no need to be shy about asking questions cos' we're all learning

T | To KACHING KACHING together with the seedly community

O | On and forward, to the moon & beyond...!

I joined all the groups because there is so much to learn especially in the midst of this pandemic where the light at the end of the tunnel remains distant and unknown. With the increasing difficulties and financial challenges to maintain a decent lifestyle and livelihood, the pressing need to diversify my income streams ibecome apparent. I will like to explore more avenues to help me take steps to make my finance pandemic-proof. These 5 groups will provide me with an engaging channel to ask, learn and apply what I read, learn and understand from more experienced members.

I joined all 5 groups because I have inadequate knowledge about these financial related topics. This...

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