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17 Jun 2019



[Please Help!] Can you still upgrade Eldershield after Careshield life is introduced in 2020?

Basically I want to wait until careshield life is introduced with more details before I do a comparison and see which is better.

But I'm not sure whether singaporeans can still upgrade their eldershield after the careshield life is introduced.

Anyone knows?

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Hariz Arthur Maloy

17 Jun 2019

Independent Financial Advisor at Promiseland Independent

Details are not out, but I believe there will be a gap time before all ES supplements would be unavailable for purchase.

What you can do now is just upgrade your Eldershield first, pay for a year and then wait till Careshield Life comes in.

If its truly better and at a cheaper price, you can switch.

Make sure that you're at least insured right now. Anything can happen within a year.

Also, you can keep the ES supplement and still switch basic ES to Careshield Life as well. No harm there.

If you'd like to upgrade your Eldershield, you can speak to me, I run SG Eldershield Specialist and 95% of my clients are 40 and above and Eldershield is the first thing we talk about. It's the backbone of ensuring a comfortable retirement with no hiccups.

Elijah Lee

17 Jun 2019

Senior Financial Services Manager at Phillip Securities (Jurong East)

Details are not known yet, so it is hard to tell. However, presuming you have Eldershield already, then it would be better to ensure you have enhanced it first. Should anything occur to your health between now and the introduction of careshield life (touch wood), you might not even be able to transit to careshield life at all. Should you still be healthy when careshield life is launched, then you may compare and decide if porting over is worth it.

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