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11 Aug 2021

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My Investment Portfolio. Am I diversified enough?

Hi! I am thinking about putting my money to different investment assets every month. Thinking of putting 25% of my money into HST ETF, 25% into Syfe REITs and 50% into an ETF that tracks S&P 500 index? I’m also thinking if I should put some money into QQQ? Am I diversified enough? Are there any ETFs I can consider?

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Warren Buffett :diversification is protection against ignorance.

If you do your homework and find a good company, you don't need as much portfolio diversity as mostly recommended. With great diversification, it also means great dilution in terms of gains if any of your stocks were to suddenly spike up.

Already tech heavy.

a nice share of ticker ISAC would still contain a lot of U.S. stocks,

but being more of a superdiversified core.

You're on an extremely right track. Do that with discipline for 10-20 years, I'm sure you will thank yourself!

Kent Toh

18 Aug 2021

Consultant at Sprinklr

The purpose of diversification is reduces risk by allocating investments across various financial instruments, industries, and other categories. It aims to maximize returns by investing in different areas that would each react differently to the same event.

By this definition you have somewhat covered by Geo- CN, SG, US. Instruments - ETF, REITS.

Sector diversification is something you can look into. But QQQ as mentioned have some tech overlaps, unless that is intentional.

CommonSense Investor

Edited 18 Aug 2021

Certified Professional at Biotechnology and Gene Therapy Industry

Diversification is protection against Ignorance...

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