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Manulife Invest Ready III

Looking at getting the Manulife Invest Ready III plan for retiree parent who has 100-150k to spare. Was told that monthly dividend of 7% is fairly consistent. The main aim of getting the 6 years flexi pay 2 plan is to generate passive dividend income and 101% of capital guaranteed upon death.

Kindly seeking advice as to whether this plan is recommended? To only invest in Allianz fund or better to diversify across a few funds (so as to preserve capital loss)?

Or would blue chips in SG banks be a better option at generating dividends?

Another reason why considering this manulife plan is because I do not have the time to monitor and would appreciate having an agent to help me with it.

*New to investing here, no prior knowledge in investing (e.g. S&P 500, index funds etc) as due to current family commitments unable to research and DIY. Greatly appreciate any advice. Thank you in advance.

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The Super Long Ark

13d ago

Full-Time Trader at Barista FIRE

No one talk about the 7% MONTHLY dividends.. lol

7% annual more realistic, 7% monthly is.. sus

I assume your parents are at least in their 60s. Investing in funds may not suit their risk appetite and investment horizon. Try safer products like SSB and t-bills.

Not recommended if this monies is their life savings. As investment come with risk and there's a possibility that your parent will experience capital losses even when invested into dividend income fund. Do not simply focus on the dividend yield.

$7 of $100 = 7%
$3.50 of $50 is also 7% but there's a reduction of $50 in term of capital. So is it still preserving of value?

If there's a longer run time like let say 20 years. Then still ok, alternatively please look at safer product to protect their life savings. Drop me a DM if you wishes to discuss more 👌🏻

Nicolas Loo

14d ago

Financial Advisor at Great Eastern Life

Asset allocation is a key feature of any successful investment portfolio as well. My personal sugges...

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