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Kenneth Fong

Kenneth Fong

Level 11·Marketing Manager at Seedly

15 Jan 2021


[Is Your 2021 New Year's Resolution Too Siao?] What is your craziest New Year's Resolution for 2021?

Have a new year's resolution that scares you a bit?

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We're accepting your craziest new year's resolutions from now till 9 January 2021, 11:59pm!

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15 Jan 2021

Level 11·Blogger at diaperfinancingfund.blogspot.com

To develop my diaperfinancingfund.blogspot.com and be a different kind of finance blogger that focuses on imparting financial wellness to toddlers, children & teenagers!

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SafeEntry check-ins, mandatory use of face masks and temperature taking – once foreign and obscure acts, have now become our second nature . We may be easing our way into a hopeful Phase 3. Crazy it may sound, I wish to be given sponsored dining vouchers to try out 10 ala carte buffets, 1 each month for my family of 2 or 4 .

  1. Colony, The Ritz - Carlton

  2. Town Restaurant, The Fullerton Singapore

  3. Food Capital Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel Singapore

  4. Peppermint Singapore, Marina Bay

  5. mezza9 Grand Hyatt Singapore

  6. Melt Cafe @Mandarin Oriental
    7. Yan Ting, The St Regis Singapore

  7. JW Marriott Hotel ,Singapore South Beach

  8. Lime Restaurant, Parkroyal Pickering , Singapore

  9. Escape @One Farrer Hotel.
    If not possible, fulfill 1 or 2 of these would do.

Hello, taking a leap of faith just like you mentioned.

Honestly, life since graduation has been all about grinding and farming more money. In the past few months, I've been settling my investment portfolio, insurance coverage and discussing with my financial advisor about retirement plans.

This has been nothing but DEPRESSING and it feels as if adulting has been all about chalking up numbers to save up for a comfortable inevitable demise.

This year, my resolution is in line with my view towards life. While I do feel that retirement planning and having a stable career is important, I also think that one should place more emphasis on enjoying the present. That's why in 2021, I want to set aside some $$ to focus on bettering myself in aspects that I feel is meaningful to me (probably exclusively), and not just concentrate about progressing in my career. Besides the same mundane "I want to earn $xxx by dec 2021", here is the crazy resolution which I want to work towards (p.s. if I told this to my Asian parents I'd be kicked out of my house with immediate effect):

I want to be recognised in the ESports scene- more specifically in Hearthstone, a game which i have been playing as a free to play player since army days ( close to 8 years now). I have only started paying to catch up with new game features when I've started work, simply because I no longer have time to grind for free resources.

Throughout these 8 years, I have reached the legend rank (usually at least top 5000 players) each month and I want to continue to be part this exclusive list of players even during my hustle. As part of this process, I want to bring the hearthstone scene in Singapore to greater heights. I see the current hearthstone environment in Singapore as quiet, with much room for improvement as the player base is huge. I envision myself doing this through streaming on Twitch and sharing my best moments on Youtube while gaming during my spare time.

This, however, takes alot of time and effort. Streaming is time-consuming and requires me to invest in my existing electronics and gaming equipment. In addition, Hearthstone as a game is getting more expensive and while I stay committed to this resolution, I will probably feel bad for spending an exorbitant amount three times each year ( yes- they suck your money during each expansion cycle). So will be nice if seedly can be my sugar daddy and support me :).

So yes, please don't judge and support thank you. Have an awesome weekend everyone and see you at the hearth.

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In 2021 I hope that I can

  1. Save $12k in 2021.
  2. Take up digital mkting courses and also social media management course
  3. Upgrade myself and start a side hustle to earn additional income.
  4. To be more patient with my family.
  5. Learn to invest more and to generate a passive income.

I want to increase my income so that I can increase the quality of life for my family and still save up for my future.

Thank you Seedly team! You've helped me so much in my financial journey 😊

Benjamin Cheong

Benjamin Cheong

08 Jan 2021

Level 4·BSc Business at Singapore University of Social Sciences

I just applied for BTO in November last year, and my 2021 resolution is to save up at least $10,000 ...

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