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04 Jan 2020



Is subscribing to stockscafe worth it?

I want something which helps to keep track of my investment easily. Or is there any other apps/sites which are free to use?

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Been using Stocks Cafe (paid for extra functions) for three years. I like it a lot, and use it throughout my daily life because

1) I put in fees and costs as accurately as possible, when doing trades / rebalancing, I always cross check my cost position (net of dividends) in the app to know the gain / loss before a buy / sell. I found that over the years, my Iocbc app is not showing me the real p&l, because I dont input my rights issue, or additional fees in there, so the quantity and cost can be "a bit off".

2) Its a one source stop for everything, including dividend history, and some data. Sometimes its easier to figure out how much dividends a stock pays per year, when it pays from the app's data, then it is to figure out different formats in investor relations or sgx. I actually use the dividend data to update ny spreadsheet of my dividend cashflow by month.

3) You can custom some columns of data when looking at portfolio, or watchlist, its good for me to have that, when thinking about certain investment decisions. The app even calculates certain risk measures like VaR and offers some simulation.

4) Some blogs and news are fed there. Nowadays I am more used to reading either some of the blogs, business news, rather than facebook.

5) Shared portfolios are available, and other general statistics. Sometimes you can see what others are buying / selling / holding, useful as a reference.

I am using it. I find it very useful in keeping track of my investments. They also provide useful information, such as when dividends are coming up, what your projected dividends for the year is, and the various ratios that you'd need to do some analysis.

Would recommend.

Hey there!

Currently I'm using stockscafe. I paid for the 1 year subsciption and I feel the functi...

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