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03 Mar 2020


Is it worth it to subscribe to AIA Vitality?

I bought a basic Personal Accident insurance with AIA and added on AIA vitality membership which cost me a total of about $32 per month.

I’m getting back $20 per month in terms of vouchers ($5 per week). Do you guys think it’s worth it or it’s just a marketing scheme to allow the agent to sell you more plans in the future?

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Joe Lee

03 Mar 2020

Adventurer at Game of Life

Worth it.

I actually get $10 per week instead with the group compnent as well, so that will come up to $40 per month. You get discounts on movie tickets and certain brand offers too.

But i think the biggest takeaway is that it will give you that extra OOPMH to take care of your health, like for example I know it's good to take flu vaccination or dental yearly, but sometimes i just forget about it. Having enroll into the program makes me aware of al these things just alittle bit more as you are looking to hit that points to get to a higher tier.

Rais M

02 Mar 2020

Accountant at SME

I would say it is definitely worth it to subscribe to AIA Vitality if you can get back $20 ($5 each week) against their monthly $8 fee. It is like you 'earn' $12 and at the same time, kept yourself healthy.

Not to forget, there are several other benefits using AIA Vitality as well. Like cheaper movie tickets, cash back for Emirates air tickets, discount for buying Garmin products, etc.

I would not include the cost of my insurance policy into the equation as I see insurance as a necessity and would be something I would incur anyway.

As for whether is it a marketing scheme - I do encounter an agent trying to sell me AIA plans by introducing how we can 'earn' money by Vitality membership. It is definitely something they can use to leverage to get you in as an AIA customer, before starting to sell you more products in the future. And I do trust that they will not hardsell but will walk you through the standard process of understanding your needs and requirements.

Lee Jin Fei Andre

08 Oct 2019

Financial Services Consultant at A.I.A Singapore Pte Ltd

Personally speaking, it's a programme designed to keep you on track for your fitness and keeps you a...

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