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03 Jun 2021



Is it worth spending $379 on the new AirPod pro?

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To each their own isn't it :)


Personally - I used to buy the latest coolest gadgets, but as I get older, I gravitate towards something that has more value for money, especially with technology where the increments in innovation are getting smaller.

Really depends on your situation.

If you're financially comfortable and it makes you happy then go for it.

Once in awhile you got to treat yourself.



I recently read Your Money or Your Life and the book suggets calculating your real hourly rate and once you know it, you'll be able to figure out how many hours of your life you're using in exchange of the AirPods pro. That might help you decide if you really need a new pair of AirPods pro. Just food for thought. Hope that helps!

Leslie Koh

27 Nov 2019

Associate Financial Services Manager at Prudential Assurance Company Singapore

The first question I will ask, are you an iPhone user?

If you are, you will love it. Fast and seamless pairing, noise cancelling is great, basically it fills in the Apple Ecosystem perfectly.

If you're not an iPhone user, then I will say, don't go for it. Depending on what needs you have, you can consider either the new Sony WF-1000XM3 or wait for the new Jabra Elite 75t.

Still not sure which to get? You can try on the new Sony TWS earphones at Stereo or the new Airpod Pros at the Apple Store, from there, I think you will have a better feel of which to get.

Whatever floats your boat, as long it does not put you in debts that you cant get out off...

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