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11 Apr 2024



Is it better to keep pets than having kids?

Pet shorter lifespan every 10 years ?

your child 99 years ?

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With AI, kids will have no jobs in the future. Why let your kids suffer? Going through all the schools , CCAs and in the end AI will do the best jobs.

It depends on whether you like pets or kids.. do what you love. better or not is subjective and different people have different view.

I wouldn't be surprised that moving forward, more and more would rather keep pets than have their own kids ....

If you think pet is easier to raise than children, then you are wrong. Only thing that is true raising pet is cheaper than children.

Kent Toh

12 Apr 2024

Consultant at Sprinklr

I think cannot compare la. What for?

You compare human to animals?

Is that even humane?...

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